Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cold Start, Hot Finish Mini-Marathon

Ran the Indianapolis Half-Marathon on Saturday for the first time.  It was in the low 30's at the start but turned out to be a beautiful fall day.  Shed the layers at mile 3 and tried to stay on pace with unknown terrain ahead.  I ran 1:45 in May at the 500 festival Mini but thought I could beat that today.  Ended with a PR at 1:39:59.  Beats my 2002 time of 1:41:24 on a flat 500 Festival course.  This course was not flat and the last 3 miles - rolling hills.  I highly recommend the course.  The volunteers were great and out in full force.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Game Day

There a some things that a beginner such as myself should know going to the competition day.  For instance, all athletes are weighed before the race, for their own safety.  Also, up to 20% of starters don't make it to the finish line for a number of uncontrollable reasons.  A recent post from an age-grouper from the 2009 Ironman Louisville outlines the highlights of the event.

My Training Plan

The following 36-week plan covers 4 training periods: Orientation, Pre-Season, Competitive Season, and Taper. It was developed by a successful age-grouper.  It's long, comprehensive, and gradual.  one step at a time.

DINO Trail Run - Podium Finish

Saturday was the second time I ran the DINO series Southwestway Park Trail run. Last year I ran 1:24 and improved to 1:15 this year even after the course was reversed - MUCH harder. I amazingly got 3rd place in my age group. Only 9 total but still quite exciting. Results.