Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon

August 20, 2011 - Indianapolis, IN - Another age group award race this season.  Very surprising, but as the 40-44 age group is typically the most competitive and deepest in triathlon, the race management for the Eagle Creek series provides awards based on these criteria. Finished 45th (out of 490) overall and 9th in the AG.

Actually, I was just hanging out post race with Gregg as he was waiting for his 1st place overall award in the duathlon (congrats Gregg!) as they called my name during the awards roll down.       

Swim: (500 Yd) 11:05.4 (148th)
Despite the blue-green alge warning and the subsequent waiver needed to swim, the water was warm (80deg) and smooth.  The swim was a time trial start so there was not much congestion.   

T1: 1:14.9 ( 85th)

Bike:  (10 miles) - 27:07.2 @ 22.1 mph ave (32nd)
New Frameset - 2011 Orbea Ordu Gold
Received the my tri bike frameset this week but did not have a chance to ride it before the race.  Road it around the block working on the setup with Zach and then brought to the race.  The course has constantly rolling hills and the new bike performed very well.  It is very responsive and climbed well.  Looking forward to getting more saddle time in the future and more improved times. 

T2: 1:34.7 (196th)

Run: (3.1 miles) - 21:53.6 @ 7:17/mi ave (73rd)
The run begins with a steep hill and then levels out for an out-and-back route.  It usually takes a mile to get the legs transitioned to run form.  I left my HR watch at transition so had to gut it out.  Overall it was a great race day and look forward to one more this fall.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cicero Triathlon - Best at 40

 August 6, 2011 - Cicero, IN - Achieved my first triathlon Age Group award this weekend by placing 4th out of 32 in the M40-44 group with a time of 57:02.  Since the field was split into two groups (40 and over/under 40) and the winner was removed from my AG awards I moved into 3rd. Thanks for the gift certificate to the Runner's Forum.  

The course started with a unique short 350 yard swim across Morse Lake.  The 9.5 mile bike loop course was mainly flat through a residential section and across country roads.  The  3.1 run looped mainly through quiet residential neighborhoods with a couple of small hills.

After the 7 min swim, I was concerned with having to use my old road bike in the race as my tri bike was crushed a couple weeks ago.  Felt pretty good with a 22.1 average but was concerned I left it all on the bike.  A small incline on the beginning of the run locked up my calf with a cramp; I worked through it and finished with a 7:07 pace. A good day overall. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Door County Half Iron Triathlon

July 17, 2011 - Egg Harbor, WI - Physical and Mechanical Difficulties.  July 22 was an unusually hot day for upper Wisconsin. The temps reached the 90's with high humidity. Coming in with poor fitness made it a long day on the run. A lot of ice down the shirt and walking in the hot sun up some steep hills led to an 11:41 pace on the run. This was my slowest 70.3 at 6:27 to place in the top 50%. I was just happy to get across the line, especially as my kids ran down the long finishing shoot with me. A much needed week vacation enhanced recovery the following week.


On the trip home after two days of travel and long drives the tri bike experienced the greatest trauma of the week as it was forced into the top of the garage door while still attached to top of the car. Accidents happen, but I would have preferred it happened to my 10 yr old road bike. Now it is time to look for a replacement.