Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 Race Schedule

Apr 23 - Dino Trail 15 K Run Avon: Washington Twp Park

June 11 - Municie Olympic Triathlon

June 25 - Indianapolis Mudathlon

July 3 - Rail 'N' Trail and Road Route Ramble Century Ride

July 17 - Door County Half Ironman 70.3

August 13 - Municie Olympic Triathlon

September 11 - REV3 Ceder Point Half Rev 70.3

October 3 - Muncie Powerman Duathlon - 10k/61.8k/10k  (Welcome to the Pain Cave)

Oct 8 - Dino Trail 15k Run: Southwestway Park

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Finish

November 6, 2010 - Indianapolis, IN. Today I ran 4:10:52 at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I wasn't sure what to expect since I ran 3 times since my DINO trail run 3 weeks ago and no training runs over 6 miles since August. Can't complain too much since my buddy Gregg did about the same training and qualified for the Boston Marathon. Great for him.

I dressed just right for the 30 degree temperature. Two layers, hat, gloves and shorts. We started near the 9:15 pace group and moved through the field early. My goal was to finish without a lingering injury. Took it out slow and made sure to keep up my electrolytes at each aid station when they were available. I was not as prepared as Gregg as he took gels and blocks with him on the run. The aid station gu's were not later in the race I needed them early on. Both hamstrings were tight since mile 2. That will come into play later.

Ran even through the first half at 1:50. Knowing that i had a significant chest cold for the last three weeks that was still lingering and not running at much I kept my heart rate below 160 all day. I know from my 2 short runs at the beginning of the week that my heart rate per pace was way off and I would struggle during the race.Stayed between 8-8:25min/mile through 15 miles.  I can remember the turning point in the race.  As I was running through Butler's campus I could hear the pace group leader for the 3:40 marathon finish slowing getting closer.  Then the small pack was soon upon me.  I tried to keep my heart rate and pace the same but started to fade slowly to the back and within a mile they were well on their way.  Ran past the Indianapolis Museum of Art which was wonderful.  The sections through Broad Ripple, Butler and the Museum are great.  Leaving the Museum you end up running DOWN hill to white river road.  I think that if this course was anything but flat I would not have been able to complete it.  The short down hill was almost the end for me.  My hamstrings by this time were tighter and I was falling apart.  The graph below notes the ensuing meltdown.

I started to walk brief periods of the course at mile 20.  At least I felt like the end was near and thought I could run it in.  There were a number of others at this point with the run-walk "just get me to the line" mentality at this point.  I was eating and drinking everything at the aid stations.  I could not stop for long as everything would tighten up.  Then the mile 23 sign was just in front of me.  Only 5k to go.  CRAMP. CRAMP. Almost face planted on the street.  Out of no where my right hamstring went into full cramp mode and the left immediately followed.  It took all I had just to balance in a position that would not put me on the pavement.  I was just hoping no one was going to bump me or run into me as I stood there like a statue in the middle of the road for at least 2 minutes.  Light stretch and decided in the best interest of personal safety, I would walk the rest of the way and not even attempt to jog. So off i set into what would become a cold walk in to the line.  The clothing was a good choice for RUNNING a marathon but not for WALKING in 30 degrees with a light breeze.  No matter how many spectators were around I was walking.  I knew if I even hinted at a jog I would  pay for it.  So at 4:10 I crossed the line.  Finished.  Learned a number of things and most importantly, you can not just show up for a marathon.

An interesting note at the end, I noticed my preliminary times were not posted. Then I remembered the volunteer at the end that clipped off my timing chip noted it was split in half.  It was broken for some period of time.  Luckily I had my Garmin 110 with me and send in an email to correct it. It worked great for the whole race. 

The set up was great for the race.  Would like to see some Gu's earlier in the mile splits. Last event for the year.  Some good recovery is in store for the next week or so and then a look at next year's events.  RESULTS

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DINO 15k Trail Run at SouthWestway Park

October 9, 2010 - Indianapolis, IN.  One of the longest running DINO Trail Run Series venues, SouthWestway Park offers what may be the toughest terrain within Indianapolis’ city limits. Traditionally, the lap is 5k; 15k runners make three laps.  Difficulty rating: Hills: 4 / Surface: 3 (1=easy, 5=difficult).

A great day for racing and a great course.  My goal for the fall events after the Ironman was to redline races to push myself and figure out how to improve for next year.  Today's race was no different.  I went out at 170 bpm and stayed above 163 for the race.  Pushed the last mile above 173.  Finished 3rd for my age group.

The downhills take a toll on the legs over the 3 laps.  I was feeling fatigue the last lap and started to lag behind a couple of runners that I was ahead of all race.  Then the fourth guy to pass me was moving at a good clip so I dug deep and committed to staying on his shoulder.  Ended up passing the runners that passed me and finished strong.  One thing I can definitely say about this year as compared to those in the near past is that my finishing stamina is much better from training all summer. Results

Garmin 110 update.  Not appropriate for trail running at all.  The 305 did a pretty good job with measurement and satellite sync in the trees but the 110 was 1/4 mile off each 5k lap.

Trail Shoe update.  I've been running with a pair of Vasque's trail shoes for the last two years.  What I like about these shoes are: lightweight, the plastic toe protection, the rugged grip of the sole and the Boa® Lacing System. The lacing system works by turning a dial that locks in place and snaps open to unlock.  It’s fast. And secure. Once locked in place, Boa reels and laces stay that way. And those "laces" are really a thin plastic-type string that never catches on twigs, leaves, brush,  or weeds.  They stay mud free and clean. 

Powerman Muncie Duathlon 10k/60k/10k

Best part of my race,
waiting for the start.
October 2, 2010 - Muncie, IN.  Finish @ 3:37:04.   3 hours of rain in 45 degree temperature led to a long and cold/numbing day.  The rain caught us by surprise as it had been a very dry summer in IN.  30 minutes into the first 10k it started and just picked up for the remainder of the event.  The #1 ranked Duathlete in the world was competing today.  Caught a glimpse as he was finishing the run and I was starting.  Overall, I liked my runs but did not like my bike.  I had not ridden the bike since the Ironman finish over a month ago so that would explain it.  Hit mile 20 of 36 and the legs started to revolt at the pace and gripping ensued. My hands were so cold I couldn't grip the handlebars to stand up hills.  Off the bike was a whole different story.  I could not feel my feet (everyone else for that matter) for four miles.  Complete numbness. Finished strong.  My buddy Gregg and I were very close all day.  He passed me with ease on the run out for the 2nd 10k.  I ended up reeling him in near the finish - 30 sec. Results  

One positive note was that I was able to use my new Garmin 110 for the race.  Opened it the day before and it worked great.  Some of the reviews dismiss it as a multi sport watch but it works fine.  No swimming though. Learned that from my 305.  Seems to work in downpours just fine.  Of course they release the 210 and 410 a month later.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Optimizing Your Marathon - Using Math

Optimizing Your Marathon - Using Math
The Harvard-MIT scientist, Benjamin Rapoport, was inspired by his experience in the 2005 New York Marathon. As he entered Manhattan for the last several miles of the race, his legs just didn't want to keep up the pace. He was experiencing a common phenomenon among marathoners, known as "hitting the wall." Essentially, the body runs out of fuel, forcing the runner to slow down dramatically.

Monday, October 4, 2010

ISC Corporate Challenge 2010 - 5Mile Run

September 25, 2010 - Downtown Indianapolis.  Results
A perfect day to run.  The corporate challenge starts off every year with a 7:45 am start of the five mile run.  This year I was hoping for a good run with the training base I carried over from the Ironman.  Ran the fastest average pace (6:23/mi) since running the event (2004-06 was a 10K) and since Athlinks has tracked my results. Good or Bad, my garmin was still out of commission and the heart rate monitor I choose for the day didn't sync at the start line.  Had to go old school on the run and JUST RUN.  Probably why I was able to push harder than usual. 

A Training Day With Mirinda Carfrae

A Training Day With Mirinda Carfrae’s Liz Hichens took a trip to Boulder, Colo. to learn what it’s like to train for a day with Ironman World Championship run course record holder Mirinda Carfrae of Australia. Carfrae provides insight on what it takes to be a top triathlete and exactly what she’s done differently from 2009 to give her the best chance at the 2010 Ironman World Championship title.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Events

Sat Sept 25  ISC Corporate Challenge 5 Mile Run

Sat Oct 2 Powerman Muncie Duathlon 10k/60k/10k

Sat Oct 9 Qdoba DINO Trail Run Series 15 k Trail Run

Sat Nov 6 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

IRONMAN Success! 140.6 Miles.

13:41 was my finishing time at the 2010 Ford Ironman LouisvilleThis is different than the photo due to the time trial swim start.  Felt great about finishing.  I think 50% of the pros DNF’d as well as 25% of the age group field.  It was a tough day out there.   I either had allergies or a sinus infection set in on Wednesday and woke up race day with stomach cramps.  Just to cross the line was an accomplishment.  I’ve never seen so many people vomiting, ambulances (counted 9 passing me on the bike alone), people sitting in the shade on the side of the road and being carted off at the finish line.  They ran out of bottled water at the last two sag stops on the bike and it was HOT. 

Woke up at 4 am to eat breakfast and head to transition.  Pumped up the tires and walked the 3/4 mile to the swim start only to find out that we had to walk another 3/4 mile to the end of the time trial start line as many athletes started lining up early in the morning.  Took 30 min to reach the water once the gun went off.  Swim (2.4 miles) was average and I felt good coming out.  Bad news was that my Garmin did not survive the swim.  No GPS for the day and that meant no speed, pace or mile checks.  Made for a long day.  

Took my time transitioning and at the start of the bike (112 miles).  One suggestion for the bike route would be to have more mile markers.  The two loop course had rolling hills.  Started out drinking water early and had a foot cramps by mile 60.  That was a problem and started to think my day would be soon over.  Started with electrolytes immediately, reducing speed and pressure on foot.  By mile 80 it seemed a little better.  I kept my HR at around 121 on the bike all day because of my stomach cramps.  Anything over 130 and it was trouble.  It was getting really hot (~95 deg and humid) and I had more salt caked on my clothes than any other event or training.  

Once off the bike walked through transition again taking time to adjust and recovery preparing for marathon (26.2 miles). Foot had recovered with only minor cramp now.  Started the run with the goal to take short strides and keep a constant pace.  By this time of day it was really hot and I walked through each mile aid station.  This went on for most of the day until I was forced to walk between mile 18-20.  Stomach could not take any more running.  Lots of sponges, oranges, ice water and sport drink at each station.   Mentally the day was difficult.  Not only the heat but low carb levels often took a toll cognitively.  The fact that we had to turn around at the finish line to complete the second half of the marathon was also daunting.  

Ran the last mile into the finish and crossed the line in good shape.  Overall a great day and thanks for the support from my wife and her sister who were at many spots on the course to keep me going and cheer me on.  We spent the last hour of the race (11 to midnight) at the finish line cheering in the remaining participants, all able to call themselves an Ironman. Full Results

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Muncie Endurathon

July 10, 2010 - The Muncie Endurathon half ironman distance (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) event had great weather and a wonderful course.  It was nice to take the family along the day before to pick up race registration and eat at the pasta dinner.  Having to drive back home and then up at 4 am to drive back was not so much fun.  The swim is longer than it looks.  Orange swim hats and orange buoys made for a longer swim and sun was blinding after the first turn. One person was hanging onto one of the buoys.

The bike was fast and flat.  Bonked half way though because I didn't eat enough early on the bike. Good lesson for Louisville. I also need to drink less lake water to avoid the hoards of bikes passing me by while attending to the call of nature in the spacious confines of a roadside portalet.  I was glad when the bike was complete as I had some sort of sciatic pain down my leg after the swim for the whole ride. Another good lesson to get in the pool more but time is running out.

The run was Hot, Hot, Hot. There was a little shade running out but the return trip sucked the energy out of the legs.  Lots of volunteers and aid stations which was great and timely.  I can't believe i have to double this in 6 weeks.  Should be interesting. Results.     

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Morse Park Summer Triathlon

June 26, 2010  -  Very little training occurred during the week leading up to this modified sprint distance tri (600 M * 14.2 M * 3 M).  Travel schedule made it difficult to get in quality workouts. Lesson learned at Morse was to come prepare with the wet suit.  The water ended up at 76.5 degrees and the benefits of a suit would have helped my tangent attempt to cross to the opposite yellow buoy prior to navigating the first.  So much for line of sight. A gradual run in with the friendly safety patrol in the kayak and i was spending much more time in the water than needed.  The bike loop was flat and fast.  An interesting note is that I was the same race number as the Terre Haute Tri (198). Wonder if that will hold up for other events. I like to start the first half of the run slowly and finish strong which has worked well so far this year. Next up - Munice Endurathon.   Results

Terre Haute Triathlon

May 22, 2010 -  A cold start in 64 degree water and the first time wearing a wet suit was successful. Starting the year off with an Olympic distance was ambitious and the field was certainly not like the sprint tri's.  Everyone was eager to show how their high end gear and long hours of spring training would pay off.  Once out of the water and a short run to transition it was off on the bike. Another first.  Rode the new tri bike for the first time in an event.  A little timid over the 25 miles since I wasn't sure how my legs would react on the run.  Seemed a couple of pace lines passed by in the non-draft event but I guess you will have that from time to time.  Out onto the run all toes were numb and could barely get moving.  Ended with a nice pace and felt like the on and off again training schedule could use some tweaking.  Singed up for the half ironman distance in Muncie to keep on track.  Results

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Trail Run

Ran the Dino Trail Run at Eagle Creek on Sat.  15K of 3 loops with lots of mud, standing water, roots and some cold rain.  Lots of fun.  A number of people lost shoes in the mud pits.  Twisted my ankle in first mile but still managed a good result.  An 8:32 pace was quite a surprise for the first event of the year.  That ironman training is paying off.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Local Race Schedule

Sunday, April 18, 2010 Carmel Sprint Triathlon Carmel, Indiana Carmel High School   Swim 500 meters, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles

Sunday, April 25, 2010 Purdue Triathlon GrandPrix Triathlon West Lafayette, Indiana Swim ¼ mile, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles

Saturday, May 22, 2010 Terre Haute Triathlon Swim 800 meters, Bike 40k, Run 8k

Saturday, June 19, 2010 Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #1 Indianapolis, Indiana Eagle Creek Park   Swim 500 meters, Bike 10 miles, Run 3 miles

Saturday, June 26, 2010 Morse Summer Triathlon Cicero, Indiana Morse Reservior   Swim 600 yards, Bike 14 miles, Run 3 miles

Saturday, July 10, 2010 Muncie Endurathon Muncie, Indiana Prairie Creek Reservoir   Muncie Endurathon Triathlon  Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles, Run 13.1 miles   Aquabike : Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles   Sprint Triathlon :   Swim 400 yards, Bike 12.3 miles, Run 3.1 miles

Saturday, July 17, 2010 Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #2 Indianapolis, Indiana Eagle Creek Park   Swim 500 meters, Bike 10 miles, Run 3 miles

Saturday, August 21, 2010 Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon #3 Indianapolis, Indiana Eagle Creek Park   Swim 500 meters, Bike 10 miles, Run 3 miles

Sunday, August 29, 2010 Ford Ironman Louisville  Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles.

Sunday, September 19, 2010 FAST Triathlon Fishers, Indiana Fishers High School   Swim 500 meters, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles

Sunday, September 26th Boilerman Triathlon. Purdue University.  Olympic Distance: 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run