Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rev 3 Knoxville 2012

May 6, 2012 - Knoxville, TN.  The day ended up to be very hot for early May @rev3 70.3. The 1.2 mile swim was in the river, first up stream and then turnround to go downstream. The wet suit legal wave start wasn't too crowded but we did tread water for a couple minutes. Without any warm up I felt some chest tightens after the first 100 meters and had to slow down.  Hit a few sticks floating along the way and also swam between a couple people in a later wave going the opposite direction. Made it eventful.  Ended with one of my best times at 35 minutes.

The rural country roads of Knoxville were the basis of the 56 mile bike with challenging ascents, rapid descents and some great scenery.  Lost my front water bottle 60 feet into the bike.  Hit a pothole and it flew off losing 3/4 of its contents.  Stopped, ran back in my cycling shoes, placed it back on but the attachment was not working well.  Crossed fingers for the next 56 miles hoping it would stay on.  

The run was HOT with rolling hills. I had been running less the last few weeks due to some calf cramping so it made the 2:07 13.1 mile trek more difficult than it needed to be but it was the first tri of the season.  Next time I will made sure to do a sprint prior to a half.  The most interesting part of the day was that Gregg and I had to drive back 6 hours to Indy. 

5:48 finish.

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