Saturday, June 26, 2010

Terre Haute Triathlon

May 22, 2010 -  A cold start in 64 degree water and the first time wearing a wet suit was successful. Starting the year off with an Olympic distance was ambitious and the field was certainly not like the sprint tri's.  Everyone was eager to show how their high end gear and long hours of spring training would pay off.  Once out of the water and a short run to transition it was off on the bike. Another first.  Rode the new tri bike for the first time in an event.  A little timid over the 25 miles since I wasn't sure how my legs would react on the run.  Seemed a couple of pace lines passed by in the non-draft event but I guess you will have that from time to time.  Out onto the run all toes were numb and could barely get moving.  Ended with a nice pace and felt like the on and off again training schedule could use some tweaking.  Singed up for the half ironman distance in Muncie to keep on track.  Results

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