Thursday, November 4, 2010

DINO 15k Trail Run at SouthWestway Park

October 9, 2010 - Indianapolis, IN.  One of the longest running DINO Trail Run Series venues, SouthWestway Park offers what may be the toughest terrain within Indianapolis’ city limits. Traditionally, the lap is 5k; 15k runners make three laps.  Difficulty rating: Hills: 4 / Surface: 3 (1=easy, 5=difficult).

A great day for racing and a great course.  My goal for the fall events after the Ironman was to redline races to push myself and figure out how to improve for next year.  Today's race was no different.  I went out at 170 bpm and stayed above 163 for the race.  Pushed the last mile above 173.  Finished 3rd for my age group.

The downhills take a toll on the legs over the 3 laps.  I was feeling fatigue the last lap and started to lag behind a couple of runners that I was ahead of all race.  Then the fourth guy to pass me was moving at a good clip so I dug deep and committed to staying on his shoulder.  Ended up passing the runners that passed me and finished strong.  One thing I can definitely say about this year as compared to those in the near past is that my finishing stamina is much better from training all summer. Results

Garmin 110 update.  Not appropriate for trail running at all.  The 305 did a pretty good job with measurement and satellite sync in the trees but the 110 was 1/4 mile off each 5k lap.

Trail Shoe update.  I've been running with a pair of Vasque's trail shoes for the last two years.  What I like about these shoes are: lightweight, the plastic toe protection, the rugged grip of the sole and the Boa® Lacing System. The lacing system works by turning a dial that locks in place and snaps open to unlock.  It’s fast. And secure. Once locked in place, Boa reels and laces stay that way. And those "laces" are really a thin plastic-type string that never catches on twigs, leaves, brush,  or weeds.  They stay mud free and clean. 

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