Thursday, November 4, 2010

Powerman Muncie Duathlon 10k/60k/10k

Best part of my race,
waiting for the start.
October 2, 2010 - Muncie, IN.  Finish @ 3:37:04.   3 hours of rain in 45 degree temperature led to a long and cold/numbing day.  The rain caught us by surprise as it had been a very dry summer in IN.  30 minutes into the first 10k it started and just picked up for the remainder of the event.  The #1 ranked Duathlete in the world was competing today.  Caught a glimpse as he was finishing the run and I was starting.  Overall, I liked my runs but did not like my bike.  I had not ridden the bike since the Ironman finish over a month ago so that would explain it.  Hit mile 20 of 36 and the legs started to revolt at the pace and gripping ensued. My hands were so cold I couldn't grip the handlebars to stand up hills.  Off the bike was a whole different story.  I could not feel my feet (everyone else for that matter) for four miles.  Complete numbness. Finished strong.  My buddy Gregg and I were very close all day.  He passed me with ease on the run out for the 2nd 10k.  I ended up reeling him in near the finish - 30 sec. Results  

One positive note was that I was able to use my new Garmin 110 for the race.  Opened it the day before and it worked great.  Some of the reviews dismiss it as a multi sport watch but it works fine.  No swimming though. Learned that from my 305.  Seems to work in downpours just fine.  Of course they release the 210 and 410 a month later.

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